Monday, March 31, 2014

Xiaomi Smartphone Market Will Attack Indonesian

Xiaomi increasingly showing its fangs in the smartphone market . Vendors from China's claims to have sent 11 million smartphones in just three months in the first quarter of 2014 .

The number of deliveries was a significant accomplishment , achieved by Xiaomi . Moreover , during the year 2013 , recorded Xiaomi able to achieve sales of 18.7 million smartphones .
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The above achievements Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun. increasingly optimistic in its business . Because of his confidence on Jun even revise their sales targets in 2014.

Citing the pages of The Next Web , Tuesday ( 01/04/2014 ) , previously known June Lei set a target of selling 40 million units of smartphones in 2014. However, the target was changed to 60 million units . In fact , Xiaomi 's ambition ship 100 million smartphones in the coming year .

Rising target mounted Xiaomi boss is not without reason . Expansion of product marketing Xiaomi conducted in Hong Kong and Taiwan , which is planned Singapore will continue to be one of the causes of Lei June revised its target .
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Xiaomi is also reportedly planning to sell smartphones in Southeast Asia , besides India and Latin America .

Even in Indonesia , the expansion has begun to smell the Xiaomi phone presence and Mi3 Redmi series in the list of products that are being tested in the Directorate General of Post and Telecommunication . Both products were reportedly going to be launched globally in May 2014 .


Thursday, March 13, 2014

Kepudang bird by Sano Nggoang

The sun emerged from the eastern horizon . A soft warm rays brighten the landscape. Under the reflection of the sun , battered four ducks ( anas gibberifrons ) looked back and forth over the surface of the water Sano Nggoang quiet green . (see also: obat burung)

Interspersed chirping birds , beautiful natural surroundings seemed that morning . Kepudang - neck black ( Oriolus chinensis ) is one of the various types of birds chirping . On the right are the banyan tree at the edge of Sano Nggoang , it cool to sing while jumping from one branch to another branch . The dominant yellow color , making it difficult to mark , although we were behind the foliage .

Seeing acting funny , we try to preserve it through the camera . It was not easy . Its movement agile , we must make painstaking follow . Apparently, this beautiful bird knew exactly when we were lurking .

Manggarai community call this bird the size of 26 cm sebutanleros . Meanwhile , the Java community named Manuk Podang , gulalahe ( Sulawesi ) , danbincarung ( West Java ) . In Javanese philosophy , kepudang is a symbol of harmony , beauty, manners, and compactness . The values ​​are aligned with the philosophy of culture as a set of Java makes the identity of the fauna of Central Java province .

For the people of Manggarai , kepudang described as handsome virgin . It is the underlying fur beautiful and attractive voice . " Because it's charm , graceful woman likened Leros " said Messi , that natives Manggara accompany us .

As a dandy bird , kepudang always keep his fur to make it look clean and neat . Habit is to live in pairs and stay on top of the tree . However, at times it drops down to look for insects .

For a moment , we were resting on the edge of Sano Nggoang , the largest volcanic lake in the tourist area of ​​eastern Indonesia . Clear green lake with an area of ​​approximately 513 hectares and a depth of 600 meters is situated at an altitude of 750 meters above sea level . Administratively , Sano Nggoang sandwiched between two villages and the village of Wae Sano Nggoang Sano , Sano Nggoang subdistrict , West Manggarai regency , East Nusa Tenggara Province .

Feeling not satisfied , we got up . We try to observe the movements kepudang back earlier . A pair of branches kepudang seem chasing one branch to another . They look harmonious .
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Unnoticed , we have spent more than two hours by Sano Nggoang . The sun was rising and the temperature began to rise . Before going , we still had time to hear the shrill voice " liiuw , klii - lii - tii - liiuw " .


Friday, March 7, 2014

Know what the Sabana

understanding Sabana
Such as steppes , savannas also included the meadow , only punctuated by a tree -
tree growth spread . Trees that used to grow in the savanna include palm trees and acacia . Grasslands can be regarded as one of the major biotic systems on the Earth . The biotic systems typically occupy vast areas in Africa , South America and Australia . While , generally Sabana is located in the tropics and subtropics to the area .(see also: pakan burung)

The characteristics of Sabana
Grasslands have special features include hot temperatures throughout the year . Rain that occurs seasonally become the most important factor for the formation of the savanna . This happens because it will turn into a savanna shrubs formed when the area leading to the lower intensity of the rain . Instead , the savanna would turn into a wet forest areas where leads to higher rain precipitation .

The animals that live in the savanna regions can be either herbivores or carnivores . Animals were included in the herbivore is a horse and a zebra . As for animals including carnivores are leopards, lions and coyotes .

People living in the savanna regions typically grow and develop economic activities , including :

# 1 : Agriculture Field
Agricultural field is the type of business that utilizes dry land farming . That is , the farm fields do not require a lot of water . Agricultural field system suitable to the climate in the savanna area that is not too dry and not too wet .

# 2 : Ranch (see also: pakan burung kacamata)
By using biotic natural resources , animal husbandry sector is also suitable for use as a livelihood in the savanna regions . Communities can choose between large or small livestock animals . Large livestock are cattle that can be cultivated . Ease obtained by breeding in savanna areas are able to freely let the cows graze , just be grounded at any time . In addition to cattle , large animals that can include buffalo and horses . Meanwhile , a small animal is a kind of animal is a sheep ( sheep) , goats and rabbits . The people living in the savanna regions maintain sheep . Of goats , can be obtained daat some commodities sold , such as skin , milk and fur that can be processed at the hands of both . In addition , there are also pigs that developed in the savanna regions .


Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Relax your body in the Lower Cave moment Flinstone

Matera, Le Grotte Della Civita, Italy

It is a magic pocket where a building used as a residential retreat cave quite interesting. If you usually fled to the hills or to the edge of the beach, this one is different.
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Built with atsitektur Flinstone style, the decor inside the building is quite unique. A total of 18 rooms available and spread in the ancient cave dwellings of Matera in the region is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is inhabited since the Bronze Age. Each has simple furniture influenced by traditional designs.
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Goa has been restored as comfortable as possible for tourists. By providing electricity, water and telephone connections. However, concern remains completely building this cave is keeping the historical and cultural heritage and provide a memorable experience to tourists.