Thursday, March 13, 2014

Kepudang bird by Sano Nggoang

The sun emerged from the eastern horizon . A soft warm rays brighten the landscape. Under the reflection of the sun , battered four ducks ( anas gibberifrons ) looked back and forth over the surface of the water Sano Nggoang quiet green . (see also: obat burung)

Interspersed chirping birds , beautiful natural surroundings seemed that morning . Kepudang - neck black ( Oriolus chinensis ) is one of the various types of birds chirping . On the right are the banyan tree at the edge of Sano Nggoang , it cool to sing while jumping from one branch to another branch . The dominant yellow color , making it difficult to mark , although we were behind the foliage .

Seeing acting funny , we try to preserve it through the camera . It was not easy . Its movement agile , we must make painstaking follow . Apparently, this beautiful bird knew exactly when we were lurking .

Manggarai community call this bird the size of 26 cm sebutanleros . Meanwhile , the Java community named Manuk Podang , gulalahe ( Sulawesi ) , danbincarung ( West Java ) . In Javanese philosophy , kepudang is a symbol of harmony , beauty, manners, and compactness . The values ​​are aligned with the philosophy of culture as a set of Java makes the identity of the fauna of Central Java province .

For the people of Manggarai , kepudang described as handsome virgin . It is the underlying fur beautiful and attractive voice . " Because it's charm , graceful woman likened Leros " said Messi , that natives Manggara accompany us .

As a dandy bird , kepudang always keep his fur to make it look clean and neat . Habit is to live in pairs and stay on top of the tree . However, at times it drops down to look for insects .

For a moment , we were resting on the edge of Sano Nggoang , the largest volcanic lake in the tourist area of ​​eastern Indonesia . Clear green lake with an area of ​​approximately 513 hectares and a depth of 600 meters is situated at an altitude of 750 meters above sea level . Administratively , Sano Nggoang sandwiched between two villages and the village of Wae Sano Nggoang Sano , Sano Nggoang subdistrict , West Manggarai regency , East Nusa Tenggara Province .

Feeling not satisfied , we got up . We try to observe the movements kepudang back earlier . A pair of branches kepudang seem chasing one branch to another . They look harmonious .
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Unnoticed , we have spent more than two hours by Sano Nggoang . The sun was rising and the temperature began to rise . Before going , we still had time to hear the shrill voice " liiuw , klii - lii - tii - liiuw " .


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