Friday, March 7, 2014

Know what the Sabana

understanding Sabana
Such as steppes , savannas also included the meadow , only punctuated by a tree -
tree growth spread . Trees that used to grow in the savanna include palm trees and acacia . Grasslands can be regarded as one of the major biotic systems on the Earth . The biotic systems typically occupy vast areas in Africa , South America and Australia . While , generally Sabana is located in the tropics and subtropics to the area .(see also: pakan burung)

The characteristics of Sabana
Grasslands have special features include hot temperatures throughout the year . Rain that occurs seasonally become the most important factor for the formation of the savanna . This happens because it will turn into a savanna shrubs formed when the area leading to the lower intensity of the rain . Instead , the savanna would turn into a wet forest areas where leads to higher rain precipitation .

The animals that live in the savanna regions can be either herbivores or carnivores . Animals were included in the herbivore is a horse and a zebra . As for animals including carnivores are leopards, lions and coyotes .

People living in the savanna regions typically grow and develop economic activities , including :

# 1 : Agriculture Field
Agricultural field is the type of business that utilizes dry land farming . That is , the farm fields do not require a lot of water . Agricultural field system suitable to the climate in the savanna area that is not too dry and not too wet .

# 2 : Ranch (see also: pakan burung kacamata)
By using biotic natural resources , animal husbandry sector is also suitable for use as a livelihood in the savanna regions . Communities can choose between large or small livestock animals . Large livestock are cattle that can be cultivated . Ease obtained by breeding in savanna areas are able to freely let the cows graze , just be grounded at any time . In addition to cattle , large animals that can include buffalo and horses . Meanwhile , a small animal is a kind of animal is a sheep ( sheep) , goats and rabbits . The people living in the savanna regions maintain sheep . Of goats , can be obtained daat some commodities sold , such as skin , milk and fur that can be processed at the hands of both . In addition , there are also pigs that developed in the savanna regions .


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