Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Health Department not Know Total Registered Citizens Lapindo (4)

Lapindo mudflow victims complained that despite the disastrous eight years passed , but they do not get health insurance until recently ( see also : Victims of Lapindo mudflow Difficult Mind Health Insurance ( 1 ) . Fact , as poor people who became victims of the disaster , they was unable to seek treatment at their own expense . Even if there is compensation received , it is not sufficient ( see also : compensation mudflow it Out for medication ( 3 ) .

Allegedly , the victim data collection performed poorly ( see also : Documenting Victims of Lapindo mudflow untidy ( 2 )
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Separately , Chief Medical Officer ( DHO) Sidoarjo regency , Ika Harnasti admitted to not knowing the exact number of victims of the Lapindo mudflow in Sidoarjo who have enrolled in the Health BPJS membership .

According to him , the data is entirely in the hands of Health BPJS own .

" I just PPTK ( Technical Activities Executive Officer ) for the Department of Health whose duties for the provision of health care ," said Ika , Thursday ( 27/05/2014 ) .

He was just making sure , for mudflow victims who do have the Certificate (SKTM ) or otherwise poor , medical expenses will be borne by the government .

Health -related requirements for participation BPJS Lapindo mudflow victims , nor was there a difference in terms of membership of the community.

The most important , in BPJS , diseases or health hazards included in outbreaks or outbreaks, are not covered .

Thus , for diseases that are classified as outbreaks , be wholly borne by the local government , in this case the Sidoarjo regency .

" And if it is not registered to the BPJS , to be seen whether they are among the better or not . If able , ya pay for treatment at the health center . Conversely if you are not able to , yes free , "he continued .


Monday, May 26, 2014

Seven Notes PAN faction for Budget 2015

National Mandate Party ( PAN ) presented seven notes which is a mini view of the above fraction macroeconomic framework and fiscal policy specifics 2015.

First , economic growth is pegged in the draft state budget amounted to 5.5-6.0 percent in 2015 reflecting better economic growth . PAN faction spokesman , Riski Sadig , said the new government should use the momentum of the economic recovery policies of .

" In a macro-economic framework , the government set a 4 percent inflation , plus or minus 1 percent . Though inflari predicted pressure subsided , but there is potential for the PAN faction saw inflation exceeded the government rate , " said Riski said second record , in Parliament on Monday ( 26/5 / 2014 ) .

There is a third record , about 3 months SPN pegged 6.0-6.5 percent . He said the 3 -month yield SPN must be held down . This is in line with the investment ratings of various institutions lebi good .

Sadig said , SPN 3 months should be lowered because it affects government securities ( GS) high . " High interest rates feared to be a reference market . 's We ask the government and the central bank to reduce lending rates to come down , " he said .
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Furthermore, he said , the fourth note of the PAN faction , is related to the assumption that the exchange rate is pegged in the range of Rp 11,500 - Rp 12,000 per U.S. dollar . In this case , the PAN faction asked the government and BI look at the volatility of the exchange rate .

" The assumptions must be realistic in order to keep the domestic industry , but also must see the world 's financial markets are not stable , " he continued .

Meanwhile, related to Indonesian oil price assumption ( ICP ) which is pegged at about 95-100 U.S. dollars per barrel , the PAN faction asked the government to conduct further analysis . Because the predicted world oil prices remain high in 2015 .

" Target lifing 900000-920000 per barrel of oil per day showed a consistent deterioration of national oil and gas management . Every year less and less able to achieve the lifting . Feared target is not able to be reached , so pemerintaa must realistsis . Should be a new breakthrough , " said Riski .

The last note is about the target gas . The last note is about the target gas . Riski said , lifting gas into new indicators in the framework of macro assumptions in 2015 is estimated to 1200-1250 barrels of oil equivalent a day .

He said the need of transparency in the oil and gas sector revenue , as long as it is never known exactly in the calculation of the budget process . Meanwhile, related to the transfer of fuel to the orientation of the gas , looked PAN faction , followed by lifting the target gas without gas prices will only describe the large volume of course but not nominal identification of rupiah .

"It should be added indicator gas prices , gas prices and created mechanisms such as ICP . Thus , the contribution can be calculated , how much gas receipts . So worthy of macroeconomic indicators , " Riski said .

Despite giving a lot of records , but in general , the PAN faction agreed macroeconomic framework and fiscal policy points in 2015 , for further discussion . " Finally, the government is expected to make efficiency less productive expenditure and revenue optimization . Government must respond to those notes , " he said .


Friday, May 23, 2014

Jokowi delay visit Kalsel

Jakarta Governor Joko Widodo which was originally scheduled to visit South Kalimantan May 23 to 24 , to postpone the plan .

Former Deputy Governor of South Kalimantan NB HM Rosehan reception as coordinator , informed Saturday , visit the presidential candidates (candidates ) RI was scheduled to return May 25, 2014 .

" According to the plan , after visiting East Kalimantan , Jakarta 's new governor to the province , which is expected to arrive at 07.00 pm or Sunday morning , " said Rosehan who later joined the PDI - P .
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" But we do not know for sure , whether the candidate would be from the PDI - P cadres are staying in Banjarmasin , " continued the former Chairman of the Regional Leadership Council ( DPW ) of the National Awakening Party ( PKB ) Kalsel it .

He explained , visits the former mayor of Solo , Central Java counterpart to the province to meet fellow alumnus of the University of Gajah Mada ( UGM) in Yogyakarta , instead of party activities .

" Alumnus schedule a meeting with the GMU Alumni UGM ( KAGAMA ) South Kalimantan , and meet volunteers pro Jokowi ( diocesan ) , " said the owner of the business center of the Banjarmasin Taher Square .

In addition , the plan blusukan to several shopping centers in the " city of a thousand rivers " Banjarmasin and " diamond city " Martapura ( 40 km north of Banjarmasin ) , the capital of Banjar Regency , South Kalimantan , so Rosehan .

Since Jokowi became Governor of Jakarta , his visit to the province is the second time , and before the time the general election campaign ( election ) 2014 legislature .

But visit the number one in the provincial government ( administration ) of the city last March it did not stay and had no time to visit the city of a thousand rivers as the capital of South Kalimantan province .


Thursday, May 22, 2014

Normalization excavators Sunter Reversed

Heavy equipment excavators in Sunter , Ancol , reversed when the dredge times . Erwin ( 40 ) , one of the eyewitnesses, said the incident happened at around 11:30 pm .

"I had another meal break , a sudden ( excavators ) rocking , keep the opposite , " said the man who worked as a house keeper pump Sunter flooding in the region .

Erwin added , excavator operators , Aan ( 25 ) , managed to escape . " So it was fitting ekskavatornya opposite , the operator still inside . Nyelamatin himself because he opened the door , continues to swim to shore , ditolongin residents use a boat , " he said .
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He further explained , the operator looks very shocked and had swallowed water at times , " That was fitting a new ride , ( operator ) told you suddenly dark and nyesek , " he said . Currently , Aan has been taken to the nearest clinic .

Dredging Sunter is to accelerate the flow of water in anticipation of a flood of Ciliwung River . Coordinator for reservoirs and times , Heryanto , explained that before dredged , at times the water depth is only 1 meter . Once dredged , depth times to 3 meters .

According to the monitoring , there are 6 heavy equipment and 10 trucks used in Sunter River normalization project .


Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Demand is Not Coming Up ...

Aditia Alfian ( 16 ) , the victim was killed in a brawl antarpelajar in Senen , Central Jakarta , had asked for a motorcycle bought by his brother . However , the demand for the motor never got held . A matter of time that the dealer sends motorcycle dreams , but Aditia trigger passed away in a brawl .

" Dealers are already calling yesterday asked his home address , but (motor ) baseball so ( delivered ) because there is a disaster like this , " said Tarmini , mother Aditia , at his residence , Cempaka Putih , Central Jakarta , Tuesday ( 20/05/2014 ) .

Phone from the dealer it came right on the day his son was found lying covered in blood because of a brawl in Senen , Central Jakarta . Answer the phone when the family 's request arrives address is sentence quietly , " Kids who want a bike that had died . "
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According Tarmini , Aditia is a quiet boy and loved playing with the little kids in the neighborhood around his home . The second son of three brothers and the son of the couple Agus Tarmini Suhendar the day before his death had said goodbye to his mother that he would go far .

Aditia killed in a brawl in Jalan Lt. Suprapto , Lagerstroemia , Central Jakarta , between vocational and vocational Park Budi Utomo Students who join vocational students Poncol 65 , Monday ( 19/05/2014 ) . He is a student of SMK Budi Utomo .

Based on information as of the suspects who have been arrested , Aditia fell in the middle of the brawl . Inevitably , he became the target of attacks. The boy born in 1997 has been buried in the cemetery Pecan , East Jakarta , on Tuesday .

Central Jakarta Mayor Saefullah condolences over the death of Aditia . He said this incident should be a lesson for the world of education . When Aditia family funeral home , he handed over a number of benefits .

To the family Aditia Saefullah ask them to be patient , sincere , and steadfast accept this tragedy . As for handling the law , he said , let it be a matter for the police . " Patience , ma'am , sir . Tabahkan heart . 's A tragedy that we did not expect , " he said .


Monday, May 19, 2014

With Istikhara, Bakrie Support Prabowo-Hatta

Golkar finally pledged support for the nomination for president Prabowo RI . Golkar also supports Hatta Rajasa as a vice presidential candidate who accompanied Prabowo .

The support given by the Secretary General of the Golkar Party Idrus Marham while attending declaration Prabowo pair - Hatta as vice - presidential candidate in Polonia House , Jalan Cempedak Cipinang , East Jakarta , Monday ( 05/19/2014 ) .

Idrus with Vice Chairman of the Election Campaign Sjarif Tjitjip Soetardjo and DPP Chairman of Golkar Party Masyhur Fuad Hasan came to the event to represent Golkar chairman Bakrie .
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In his speech , K. stated that Bakrie as the mandate of Golkar Golkar Party wants to support a strong leader and candidate quality .

" Strong leadership was there on a presidential candidate Prabowo and Hatta Rajasa as a candidate for vice president . ARBs ( Bakrie ) not only istikharah , but also the aspirations of the people and it turns out he was of the view that the aspirations of the people there are on this couple , " said K. , Monday noon .

Idrus said the Bakrie family asks big Golkar Party Prabowo to support full - Hatta as the vice - presidential candidate .


Tuesday, May 13, 2014

U.S. Dollar Gains, Gold Price Down

Gold futures on the COMEX division of the New York Mercantile Exchange fell slightly on Tuesday ( 05/13/2014 ) local time (Wednesday morning GMT ) , as new data forcing investors to focus on long-term economic projections from the United States , China and Europe .
The most active gold contract for June fell one U.S. dollar , or 0.08 percent , to settle at 1294.8 dollars per ounce .

The dollar rose after the German central bank showed its willingness to support the stimulus measures by the European Central Bank ( ECB ) in June .

It will include negative interest rates on bank deposits and loan package . Germany also said it could also be required to keep inflation from staying too low .
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The bad news for the euro , it means good news for the greenback . Analysts said that in turn reduces the demand for gold as an asset " safe haven " .

A report by the U.S. Commerce Department said retail sales rose just 0.1 percent in April and online retail sales ( online ) fell 0.9 percent , gold throw a lifeline and prevent it from further deterioration .

China's National Bureau of Statistics released a report on Tuesday that the country's industrial production slowed to 8.7 percent in April , compared with 8.8 percent in March . The same report said the country's retail growth dipped to 11.9 percent from 12.2 percent the previous month .

While silver for July delivery rose 0.4 percent , or 0.02 percent , to close at 19.547 dollars per ounce . Platinum for July delivery rose 14.1 dollars , or 0.98 percent , to end at 1456.0 U.S. dollars per ounce .