Thursday, May 1, 2014

Profit Many Internet Industry Indonesia 'Run' to Foreign

Opportunities foreign exchange Indonesia Internet industry is estimated to run many aliases tergelontorkan to a foreign country . It is rated as a result of the development of creative industries has not been in the virtual world country .

" The total value of the Internet industry contributed Indonesia based on data klikindonesia 2012 reached 160.27 billion U.S. dollars per year and the majority of ' run ' out of the country , " said Director of Cooperation and Facilitation Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy ( Kemenparekraf ) Lolly Amalia Abdullah in Jakarta , Wednesday ( 30/4 ) .
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That figure includes business access 12.5 million U.S. dollars per month , 10 million dollar advertising business per month , and the market capitalization of 100 content milir each pageview 0.15 U.S. dollars and 15 billion dollars . According Lolly , Indonesia faces the challenge of local content development are adopting local wisdom .

According to him to suppress his run foreign exchange abroad , unique content is required and highly competitive . "These challenges include how to create a unique local content for animation , social media , gaming , transportation , messaging , health , education , tourism , and service apps , " he said .

He said he himself seeks to facilitate and support the entrepreneurial ecosystem of digital creative . Some are made ​​to form the central ministry which begins with penbentukan creative innovation centers and business incubators .

" We are facilitating the registration of IPRs , doing business connect , and sets up access to finance , " he said .


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