Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Health Department not Know Total Registered Citizens Lapindo (4)

Lapindo mudflow victims complained that despite the disastrous eight years passed , but they do not get health insurance until recently ( see also : Victims of Lapindo mudflow Difficult Mind Health Insurance ( 1 ) . Fact , as poor people who became victims of the disaster , they was unable to seek treatment at their own expense . Even if there is compensation received , it is not sufficient ( see also : compensation mudflow it Out for medication ( 3 ) .

Allegedly , the victim data collection performed poorly ( see also : Documenting Victims of Lapindo mudflow untidy ( 2 )
( Read: foto murai batu )

Separately , Chief Medical Officer ( DHO) Sidoarjo regency , Ika Harnasti admitted to not knowing the exact number of victims of the Lapindo mudflow in Sidoarjo who have enrolled in the Health BPJS membership .

According to him , the data is entirely in the hands of Health BPJS own .

" I just PPTK ( Technical Activities Executive Officer ) for the Department of Health whose duties for the provision of health care ," said Ika , Thursday ( 27/05/2014 ) .

He was just making sure , for mudflow victims who do have the Certificate (SKTM ) or otherwise poor , medical expenses will be borne by the government .

Health -related requirements for participation BPJS Lapindo mudflow victims , nor was there a difference in terms of membership of the community.

The most important , in BPJS , diseases or health hazards included in outbreaks or outbreaks, are not covered .

Thus , for diseases that are classified as outbreaks , be wholly borne by the local government , in this case the Sidoarjo regency .

" And if it is not registered to the BPJS , to be seen whether they are among the better or not . If able , ya pay for treatment at the health center . Conversely if you are not able to , yes free , "he continued .


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