Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Demand is Not Coming Up ...

Aditia Alfian ( 16 ) , the victim was killed in a brawl antarpelajar in Senen , Central Jakarta , had asked for a motorcycle bought by his brother . However , the demand for the motor never got held . A matter of time that the dealer sends motorcycle dreams , but Aditia trigger passed away in a brawl .

" Dealers are already calling yesterday asked his home address , but (motor ) baseball so ( delivered ) because there is a disaster like this , " said Tarmini , mother Aditia , at his residence , Cempaka Putih , Central Jakarta , Tuesday ( 20/05/2014 ) .

Phone from the dealer it came right on the day his son was found lying covered in blood because of a brawl in Senen , Central Jakarta . Answer the phone when the family 's request arrives address is sentence quietly , " Kids who want a bike that had died . "
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According Tarmini , Aditia is a quiet boy and loved playing with the little kids in the neighborhood around his home . The second son of three brothers and the son of the couple Agus Tarmini Suhendar the day before his death had said goodbye to his mother that he would go far .

Aditia killed in a brawl in Jalan Lt. Suprapto , Lagerstroemia , Central Jakarta , between vocational and vocational Park Budi Utomo Students who join vocational students Poncol 65 , Monday ( 19/05/2014 ) . He is a student of SMK Budi Utomo .

Based on information as of the suspects who have been arrested , Aditia fell in the middle of the brawl . Inevitably , he became the target of attacks. The boy born in 1997 has been buried in the cemetery Pecan , East Jakarta , on Tuesday .

Central Jakarta Mayor Saefullah condolences over the death of Aditia . He said this incident should be a lesson for the world of education . When Aditia family funeral home , he handed over a number of benefits .

To the family Aditia Saefullah ask them to be patient , sincere , and steadfast accept this tragedy . As for handling the law , he said , let it be a matter for the police . " Patience , ma'am , sir . Tabahkan heart . 's A tragedy that we did not expect , " he said .


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