Saturday, May 3, 2014

Dozens of victims of abuse Sukabumi treated

Sukabumi City Government will provide psychiatric treatment to boys under age who are victims of sexual abuse committed by the initials U.S. youth ( 23 years old ) .

" Not only the victims who will receive psychiatric treatment but also to cure his sexual suspect ," said Deputy Mayor Ahmad Fahmi Sukabumi , Saturday ( 3/5 ) .

He said the current officers of the Integrated Service Center for Women and Children Protection ( P2TP2A ) conducting physical examinations and mental health of both victims and suspects .
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The minister said the therapy is given especially to the victims so they do not become actors . Furthermore , why victims can become perpetrators of sexual abuse because there is a mistake in giving coaching or therapy is not complete , so that those who initially were victims can become perpetrators .

Therefore , it has coordinated with P2TP2A that accompany the victim and the suspect until thoroughly so they can get back to living a healthy and not experiencing sexual problems . Technically , the treatment will be left entirely to the P2TP2A .

" We also appealed to the citizens not to fret with such cases and if there are other victims that the family immediately reported to the authorities to overcome both mental and health problems of his body , " he added .

Fahmi also asked the families whose children are victims of sexual harassment is not silenced . According to him , it will do the therapy and assistance to all victims can get back to healthy psychological and fall if the family is no longer reported .


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