Monday, May 26, 2014

Seven Notes PAN faction for Budget 2015

National Mandate Party ( PAN ) presented seven notes which is a mini view of the above fraction macroeconomic framework and fiscal policy specifics 2015.

First , economic growth is pegged in the draft state budget amounted to 5.5-6.0 percent in 2015 reflecting better economic growth . PAN faction spokesman , Riski Sadig , said the new government should use the momentum of the economic recovery policies of .

" In a macro-economic framework , the government set a 4 percent inflation , plus or minus 1 percent . Though inflari predicted pressure subsided , but there is potential for the PAN faction saw inflation exceeded the government rate , " said Riski said second record , in Parliament on Monday ( 26/5 / 2014 ) .

There is a third record , about 3 months SPN pegged 6.0-6.5 percent . He said the 3 -month yield SPN must be held down . This is in line with the investment ratings of various institutions lebi good .

Sadig said , SPN 3 months should be lowered because it affects government securities ( GS) high . " High interest rates feared to be a reference market . 's We ask the government and the central bank to reduce lending rates to come down , " he said .
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Furthermore, he said , the fourth note of the PAN faction , is related to the assumption that the exchange rate is pegged in the range of Rp 11,500 - Rp 12,000 per U.S. dollar . In this case , the PAN faction asked the government and BI look at the volatility of the exchange rate .

" The assumptions must be realistic in order to keep the domestic industry , but also must see the world 's financial markets are not stable , " he continued .

Meanwhile, related to Indonesian oil price assumption ( ICP ) which is pegged at about 95-100 U.S. dollars per barrel , the PAN faction asked the government to conduct further analysis . Because the predicted world oil prices remain high in 2015 .

" Target lifing 900000-920000 per barrel of oil per day showed a consistent deterioration of national oil and gas management . Every year less and less able to achieve the lifting . Feared target is not able to be reached , so pemerintaa must realistsis . Should be a new breakthrough , " said Riski .

The last note is about the target gas . The last note is about the target gas . Riski said , lifting gas into new indicators in the framework of macro assumptions in 2015 is estimated to 1200-1250 barrels of oil equivalent a day .

He said the need of transparency in the oil and gas sector revenue , as long as it is never known exactly in the calculation of the budget process . Meanwhile, related to the transfer of fuel to the orientation of the gas , looked PAN faction , followed by lifting the target gas without gas prices will only describe the large volume of course but not nominal identification of rupiah .

"It should be added indicator gas prices , gas prices and created mechanisms such as ICP . Thus , the contribution can be calculated , how much gas receipts . So worthy of macroeconomic indicators , " Riski said .

Despite giving a lot of records , but in general , the PAN faction agreed macroeconomic framework and fiscal policy points in 2015 , for further discussion . " Finally, the government is expected to make efficiency less productive expenditure and revenue optimization . Government must respond to those notes , " he said .


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