Saturday, April 26, 2014

Critical period, MH370 Underwater Search Expanded

Search aircraft Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 continued. Sweep in the underwater area of ​​the Indian Ocean is almost complete.

Finding Team Joint Coordination Center (JACC) states, using drones divers search the Bluefin-21 had 95%. However MH370 related debris has not been found. Therefore, the search in the injury time or critical period Bluefin-21 will be extended to the area closest to the radius of 10 km.

"We are currently discussing with the search teams from other countries, to determine the next steps," the statement JACC, as quoted by the BBC, Saturday (04/26/2014).
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Robot submarines operated Bluefin-21 U.S. Navy ship Australia Ocean Shield, is an unmanned underwater vehicle (AUV) that can identify objects by creating a map of the seabed sonar. This vehicle can operate in waters under the sea more than 4,000 meters.

Australian transportation ministry official told CNN that the disbursement of funds under the sea MH370 swallow a quarter billion dollars if the private parties involved.

The official said that as much as U.S. $ 234 million or equivalent to Rp 2.6 trillion will be needed for the underwater search MH370, including the use of an underwater vehicle Bluefin-21 is capable of scanning an area of ​​110 sq. km.

Meanwhile, Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak will announce the results of the investigation mystery disappearance MH370 next week. Currently, the results of the investigation of penyelidiki being reviewed by officials of the neighboring country.

The contents of these reports is the detail of each step of the search, including time and location. Also alleged that a number of items found in the search area.

MH370 aircraft lost contact stated since March 8, 2014. Trip iron bird is then declared ended in the Indian Ocean, near Perth, Australia. But until now, 49 days have passed, there has been no related debris found MH370 from that location.


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