Saturday, April 12, 2014

Peek Look and New Features BlackBerry 10.3

Good news for users of BlackBerry 10 devices . BlackBerry 10 update to version 10.3 is available in the form autoloader . For those who like tooling with its BlackBerry system would have been familiar with this type , in which to install the operating system update , the device is reset so that all the data stored in the phone will be erased . Of course there is a solution , that is by doing a backup before the update and restore the data later .

Back to the BlackBerry update 10.3 . Unfortunately the update is not circulating in the form of an official , but the leaked version or the term cool leaked version .

Well , the interesting part of any OS version updates of course what new features it brings . Here are some of them :
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• Homescreen Icon

The icons on the homescreen now has no background in the form of a dark box for BlackBerry choose to eliminate them.

• Display BlackBerry Hub

BlackBerry Hub also given a new face to look brighter . Bar at the bottom of the screen is now white and will be hidden automatically when the user mengeser ( scrolling ) list message .

• Camera Menu

When accessing the application menu on the camera , clearly visible change in the composition of the menu and there is an additional feature of a timer shot .

• Advanced Interactions

BlackBerry adds a number of features of gesture is referred to as the Advanced Interactions . One of them , the phone will automatically turn the screen when removed from flat surfaces .

• Intelligent Assistant

This one is the answer to the BlackBerry at the request of such a feature belongs Siri iOS or Google's Voice Search on Android Now owned .

In addition to some changes in the look and enhanced features above, there are several others . However, because the currently available version is leaked some of the above features and other features do not work perfectly even does not work at all , so the PULSE menyerankan for you to not be in a hurry to try it .


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