Sunday, April 13, 2014

U.S. Women Kill 7 Suspected baby

U.S. security officials have arrested a woman accused of killing seven babies birth along a decade after officers found the bodies of the babies in a cardboard box in the garage of the woman's former home .

Detention committed against Megan Huntsman ( 39 ) , a day after police received a complaint of a husband Huntsman in the State of Utah , USA .

The man claimed to find boxes filled with human body parts while cleaning the garage .

The police then came and found the cardboard boxes containing the bodies of seven babies who were born between 1996 and 2006 Huntsman .

Police spokesman , Captain Michael Roberts , said that Huntsman and her husband stayed one roof when she gave birth . " However , we believe her husband did not know her actions , " said Roberts told The Associated Press .

When asked how her husband might not know , Roberts replied , " That's the question a million dollars . Excellent . "

Cause of death

Once found , the bodies of the babies were sent to the forensic department Utah to undergo a series of tests , including to determine the cause of death .

DNA samples Huntsman and her husband have also been taken to determine if they are indeed the parents of the babies .

Huntsman occupied house is owned by law . However , Huntsman has moved from there since three years ago .

According to neighbors Huntsman , Sharon Chipman , Huntsman and her husband have three children . The oldest aged between 18 and 20 years , while the youngest was around 13 years old .
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Police spokesman , Captain Michael Roberts , stated that these children do not know her mother was pregnant , gave birth , and kill their siblings .


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