Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Promised USD 2.4 Million, Health Officer Salary In fact Pending 4 Months

Melancholy story of the janitor in the late Jakarta payday is still going on . Having promised a salary of USD 2.4 million , the janitor in East Jakarta in fact not been paid for four months .

The janitor was listed as a contract worker in East Jakarta Cleanliness Sub-Department . They claimed to owe millions of dollars to cover the costs of daily living .

Sandy ( 50 ) , a janitor at the intersection of Red Light district Tamini Square , said that since January 2014 , having transferred from a private company into a city janitor , who was promised a salary of Rp 2.4 million never received .

" From January we will be deployed in the sub . Dijanjiin Rp 2.4 million per month . , But until now have not been paid and there is no news , " said Sandy , when talking on the location , Wednesday ( 04/16/2014 ) .

In fact , he said , since transferred from the private sector , they 've signed books Capital City Bank account which will be used to receive salary payments . However, from the beginning , his Capital City Bank passbook never shared by the Tribal Health Department .

" At that time we had already signed the contract , passbook accounts we 've seen , but not yet distributed . Still exist in the Section Head ( head section ) it, " said Sandy .

While working in the private sector for 3 years , he said , he received a salary of Rp 900,000 . The payout smoothly .

Sandy admitted that he had asked about the issue stagnant salary payments to the East Jakarta Cleanliness Sub-Department .

" It's never Nanya said of superiors has not gone down . From yesterday - yesterday also told you months ago this week , this month , but so yes this alone , " said Sandy .

As a result of this , the debt was piling up millions of dollars to cover their daily needs . He pawned a Honda Supra Fit motorcycle he owns in neighboring Rp 2.5 million to make ends meet .

" I also have a debt of Rp 1.2 million in stall grab for rice , sugar , and coffee . , But until now have not been able to pay , " said Sandy .

Residents of Middle Village , Kramat Jati was also forced to walk to work because they do not have transport money . In addition , he has responsibility for a son , Angger son ( 9 ) is still sitting in class III SD . Sandy 's wife , Sri Ningsri ( 40 ) , who also worked as a janitor also suffered a similar fate . His salary has not stuck .
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Fate , according to him , also experienced some other friends . There are about 10 janitor whose salary has not been paid . Sandy hopes that his salary with some friends it can be fully compensated by the government .


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