Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Miss Tourism Fails to Chair of the Board

Terror and the conflicts that occurred just before the election in Aceh proved influential in the vote on April 9 . One of them happened to former Miss Tourism Indonesia 2010 , Vivi Anggraini Alam . Based on the recapitulation of his party , votes that are not able to deliver it to the council .

Vivi, who won the title of Miss Intelligence in Miss Tourism Indonesia 2010 contest these seats can fail because the council had become a terror target . At that time , the House of Representatives Candidates banners (DPRK ) is missing Lhokseumawe , derived strangers .
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" It was another red-hot politics , new pairs of three banners , just two days to survive , suddenly disappear , " said Vivi , the National Party candidate Aceh ( PNA ) is the headline , Wednesday, April 16, 2014 .

Since the incident he became afraid of the threat comes directly addressed to him , as happened to one of the other female candidates from one party . At that time , the candidates were shot and stoned by irresponsible people .

He also had received directives from the leadership of his party in order not to wander at night in anticipation of the occurrence of undesirable things . He said , because of the incident , he ultimately just print business cards and distribute to family and friends .

In addition , he also admitted failing because it does not do a ' dawn raid ' , while many other candidates are busy doing the cheating before election day . " It proves that politics in Indonesia is not clean , " he said .

Vivi deeply regretted tinged election in Aceh terror and conflict . According to him , only one percent is used to achieve the success of the popular vote , rest as much as 99 percent done with the action , either in the form of threats or violence directly .

However , the defeat did not make semangantnya downs . Aceh's tourism ambassador in 2009 claimed to have been a great boon candidates . He did not want to imitate the ways that are not good to have people's hearts .

" Irregularities that occur can be a reference for me that the future is never replicated . Then one more thing , I have to do more , especially to the action of empowering young friends Lhokseumawe , " he said .

Despite failing to become a member of the board , Vivi claimed to keep the spirit undergo daily activities . Currently , she is a sweet black middle Actively assist Government Lhokseumawe , Aceh , Lhokseumawe prepare the Visit Year 2015.

"In the future I will continue to perform acts of devotion , including helping to prepare the City Government Visit Lhokseumawe . Currently still looking for a connection with the rest of the province . Me and my friends are trying to visit the area in order to get to all corners of Indonesia , " he said again .


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