Monday, April 21, 2014

New Plan, the Biggest Airport in Istanbul Coming World

Trio appointed international architectural firm to design the terminal complex as the latest international airport of Istanbul. The first phase of the airport operations scheduled to open in 2019.

Located on the shores of the Black Sea , or about 35 kilometers outside the capital of Turkey , this collaborative project brings together the expertise of architects Grimshaw , architect Haptic , as well as from the office of the Nordic architecture . The project is targeted as the largest airport terminal in the world , with a gross floor area of ​​nearly 1,000,000 square meters .

The terminal scheme will include the construction of six airstrip which will be divided into four sections . The first phase of the operation these terminals will be opened in the upcoming 2019 to serve 90 million passengers per year . That number is predicted to increase to more than 150 million travelers after the final phase of the project was completed .

However , although designed with a very large scale , the imposing building remain friendly with the convenience of the passengers . The entire central plaza made ​​the front page of a vast crowd with convenient traffic and serves as an integrated hub by rail, city buses , and private cars .

The structure of the building of this project is marked with a vaulted ceiling to facilitate passenger flow and improve the utilization of the entire terminal facility . Canopy diffuses the sunlight coming in through the skylight . From there the natural light of the sun will illuminate the important terminal areas , for example in the check-in area , security room , control passport / visa and various retail outlets . In order to build a local flavor , geometric patterns combined together with color and nuanced tones Istanbul is full of light .

" We are very excited to be appointed to the project 's bold and aspirational . We share a desire to develop an airport design truly remarkable and worthy of world cities such as Istanbul , " said Andrew Thomas dari.Grimshaw .
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" We are pleased to be able to respond to the high demands of the clients and create extraordinary solutions , be it in terms of function and architecture , " said Gudmund of Nordic .


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