Sunday, April 20, 2014

Transcripts SMS Touching The Ship Will Sink Current Students

Jindo - When the ferry South Korea (ROK ) , Sewol , which carries 475 passengers began to sink , 325 people from those who are high school students Danwon grabbed their cell phones and start sending messages to their loved ones .

Launch of the New York Times , Saturday ( 19/04/2014 ) , there are several transcripts of SMS students who panic and proclaim themselves when the ship would sink . The following excerpt from the transcript of the text.
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Shin Seong - hee heed the advice of the ship communications officer , who told passengers to stay inside rather than evacuate . Her sister showed text messages between Shin Seong - hee with her ​​father told reporters .

Seong - hee : "Dad , do not worry . I was wearing a life jacket , and my friends all holding together . I was in the boat . Still in the corridor . "

Dad : " I know the savior will come , but why do not you try to go outside ? "

Seong - hee : "Dad , I can not run right now because of all the kids in the hall . And because the ship tilted too much . "

Since then , the father has not heard back from her daughter 's .

Other students , Shin Young - jin sent a message to her mother , who made ​​a reference to the service message , broadcast by the Korean media .

Young - jin : "Mother , I say this now because I may never be able to say , I love you . "

Mother : "Why, I wonder why you do not check messages on KakaoTalk . Would I, my son ... I love you . "

Shin Young - jin is still alive after the incident . Another student , Kim Hyun - yi called his father and told him that the ship was sinking . She said she was holding on to some sort of pillar and cry . This girl said she still wanted to live .

Dad : " You have to continue along with your friends. Never lose them . "

The father and son then lost contact , but a few hours later he called his father to say he could survive such events .

Another with Kim Min - kyu . 16 -year -old man was sending a text message to his girlfriend , Jeong Geum - hwa . The text message sent while on the ferry .

Min - kyu : " Ahh ... The ship turned ... "

Geum- hwa : "What, what are you talking about ? "

The girlfriend was not heard from him since the delivery of the message. A South Korean media also broadcast the message of a male student with his brother .

Student : " We were on the ferry to Jeju Island . Then ferry crashed into something . Boats do not move and make a rescue team or something is coming . "

The elder brother : " Is it really bad ? "

Student : " I am on the inside, so I do not know about it . Receipt of data is also not so good . , But only the coast guard came , finally . "

The elder brother : " Ok , if the rescue team came , they would soon come . Vain So do not go this way and that. Just keep yourself , alert and calm , and do as instructed . Moving as fast as they tell you . Contact me again when you have a good signal .

Viewing messages in KakaoTalk conversation , the last message sent to her sister 's brother has not read , and the student has not been found .


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