Thursday, April 10, 2014

Endriartono Democrats Do not Ask Just Ask the Vice President

Participants convention Democratic presidential candidate , Endriartono Sutarto , requested that the continued implementation of the convention . He considered that the Democrats still have a chance of nominating candidates for president . To that end , Endriartono asking Democrats to not only propose a lower target of vice-presidential candidate .

" Right now , Democrats could still go with a candidate. Rst Do we lower running mate . Cultivated as much as possible first ," said Endriartono when contacted on Friday ( 04/11/2014 ) , addressing the quick count results in the legislative election of 2014.

Former Military commander said , with inter - party margin is relatively thin and there is no dominant , Democrats could form a coalition with other parties to achieve the target of 25 percent sound . According to Endriartono , map future coalition could only generate three candidate names . Two of them , said Endriartono , namely Joko Widodo and Bakrie.

Meanwhile , Prabowo is a presidential candidate Gerindra , said Endriartono , actually has a position similar to the Democrats . Moreover , the difference in sound between the two parties is not too far away .

" The third axis can be Democrats or GERINDRA . Candidate if Democrats want to progress , must move quickly to form a coalition , not to be preceded by Gerindra , " said the former Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Nasdem Party .

To catch up with the other party , Endriartono said , the Democratic presidential convention will be pursing the three names of the 11 participants of the Democratic presidential convention . These three names that would be an alternative option to see the Democratic presidential candidate will submit the proposed candidate of another party.

" So it does not become the highest survey benchmarks the only one , although the main one . Would be relying party needs in the future, " said the man who had just joined as a cadre of the Democratic Party .

When asked what if he was nominated as the vice presidential candidate , admitted Endriartono not too interested . " I'm not looking for a position, so that when I presented as Vice President , I am not willing to say . Because I seek authority to improve the condition of the nation , " he said .

Earlier, Chairman of the Democratic Party Yudhoyono party conceded defeat and congratulated the Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle ( PDI - P ) , the Golkar Party and the Gerindra get sound over the Democratic Party . President also declared open Democratic coalition with anyone , including Gerindra .
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Compass on a quick count , the Democratic Voice of the vote fell from 2009 to reach 20 percent . Based on data collected by 93 percent , 9.43 percent of Democratic votes . The results of the quick count indicator Indonesian Politics (data 99.5 percent ) , Democrats gained 9.86 percent sound .


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